The President Makes $66,168 A Day Off Scam Hotel Resort Fees

People often ask me why has there not been more movement on resort fees. “What is taking so long?” They ask. “This is a basic scam. How have politicians not acted?”

Well, one reason is that the current President of the United States is earning 66,168 dollars per day on resort fees at his hotels. This is just resort fees at his three hotel properties that charge scam hotel resort fees in addition to the regular advertised hotel room rate. This number does not include mandatory fees at condos or private clubs of the Trump brand.

The Federal Trade Commission did not act quick enough to address scam hotel resort fees under the Obama administration. A President that personally profits from the resort fee scam is also unlikely to address it. Despite his pledge to drain the swamp, this is a pretty swampy issue but we are welcome to being surprised Mr. President!

How did we do the math to see how much President Trump is making every day from resort fees? Currently, there are resort fees at three Trump hotel properties. Here are the numbers:

The Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida has a $24.61 resort fee per night. The hotel has 356 rooms. That is $8,761.16 per day.

The Trump International Hotel Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada has a $32.88 resort fee per night. The hotel has 1,304 rooms. So that is $42,875.52 per day.

The Trump National Doral Miami in Miami, Florida has a resort fee of $22.60 per night. The hotel has 643 rooms. That is $14,531.80 per day.

Any politician that wants to show support of President Trump is unlikely to act on this issue. For the politicians that have the chutzpah to stand up to the President and his scam resort fee profits, we welcome you to join our cause.