The Beacon Hotel - 24.14

Capitol Hill Hotel - 28.74

Churchill Hotel - 31.04

Hamilton Hotel - 25.00

Kimpton Carlyle Hotel - 26.43

Kimpton Donovan Hotel - 26.43

Kimpton George Hotel - 26.43

Kimpton Glover Park Hotel - 26.43

Kimpton Hotel Madera - 26.43

Kimpton Hotel Monaco - 26.43

Kimpton Hotel Palomar - 26.43

Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel - 26.43

Kimpton Rouge Hotel - 26.43

Kimpton Topaz Hotel - 26.43

Liaison Capitol Hill - 28.68

Melrose Georgetown - 31.04

Sofitel Washington DC - 28.70

St. Gregory Hotel - 28.73

The Embassy Row Hotel - 21.15

The Watergate Hotel - 28.70

The Washington Court Hotel - 22.93

This list is accurate as of February 24, 2019.

Washington, DC recently passed a bill strictly regulating Airbnb in the District. This bill has many good parts but it does not hold hotels and homeshares to one price for one room. As I testified before the DC City Council, introducing a bill limiting Airbnb without addressing the hotel scams in the District is actually only going to encourage more people to use Airbnb. I met with every member of the DC Council imploring them to address hotels lying about their price at the same time as they address regulating homesharing. Iā€™d like to think I am a formidable force with common sense policy, but the hotel lobby has serious money behind them and they pushed a bill that was written for the benefit of DC hotels not for the people of Washington, DC. The hotel lobby has millions. I have $0 but common sense policy. The hotel lobby won this round.

As hotels increasingly lie about their room rates in attempts to scam consumers, tourists will chose hotel alternatives over hotels that lie. As seen in San Francisco, once a city passes a bill limiting Airbnb, the number of hotels lying about their price skyrockets. At the end of the booking process on Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO, the final price is paid in full. At the end of a booking process with a hotel, there is no longer any guarantee that is actually the rate you will pay because of the web of lies these hotels have spun with pricing. Now in Washington, DC customers have absolutely no idea what the final price of a hotel will be. The hotels above demand more money at check in. This is illegal according to existing consumer protection laws in Washington, DC.

Bills that regulate Airbnb but do not also regulate hotels scams are bills not from concerned citizens of DC, but from the hotel lobby. Except to see an increase in hotels illegally lying about their price + a surge in demand for Airbnb as tourists seek honest options in DC. Luckily, Attorney General Karl Racine is with the people who feel like they are being scammed by this practice at DC hotels. He is part of the 47 Attorneys General investigation into hotel resort fees being deceptive and misleading (AG talk for illegal) and he subpoenaed Marriott related to the investigation. Here is the subpoena.

You should absolutely refuse to pay any hidden, deceptive, illegal hotel resort fee in Washington, DC. Please make sure to follow the steps at and file a consumer complaint with Attorney General Karl Racine so he can help you get that illegal fee back.

The DC Attorney General has subpoenaed Marriott over resort fees.