Oh? You want to stay at a hotel without a resort fee while on the Las Vegas Strip? We have some overnight accommodation suggestion for you - Airbnb, VRBO and Home Away. Otherwise, you won't be staying anywhere. That's right - all 65,000 hotel rooms on the Las Vegas Strip charge hotel resort fees. From the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas to the Super 8 Las Vegas Strip, you cannot avoid these hidden fees. Las Vegas has lots of fun and interesting issues unique to what is going on in their resort fee scam world. 

Do hotels in Las Vegas really regularly advertise rooms that cost less than their resort fees?
Yes. The Circus Circus and the Excalibur Hotel, both on the Vegas Strip, regularly advertise room rates during the week that are less than their add-on mandatory resort fee. There is nothing stopping them from advertising a $1 room and a $99 resort fee, but for now they seem to be set at advertising $28 a night room with a $32.48 resort fee. 

Does every single Hotel Room On The Las Vegas Strip has a hotel resort fee / second room rate?
Yes. Though every hotel on the Strip is not worthy of being called a resort, they all have mandatory scam resort fees. There is total and absolute resort fee collusion on the Las Vegas Strip. This means that if you want to avoid a hotel without a resort fee, you will have to not stay at a hotel. 

What are the taxing issues related to Las Vegas resort fees?
Hotels say resort fees are an exchange of service. Resort fees are not an exchange of service, they are a way for the hotel to lie about their advertised price and charge a second hidden room rate when a guest gets to the hotel. At least the hotels in Vegas recognize that they are not providing any service. Resort fees in Las Vegas are not taxed at the sales tax rate (as a service item would be taxed at 8.15%). Resort fees in Vegas are taxed at the hotel occupancy tax rate (13.38%ish - varies slightly by location to new stadium) as they should be as they are a second hotel room rate. That means, yes, you are being charged for two hotel rooms for one night when you stay on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Who is the #1 contributor to Nevada Senator Dean Heller's campaign coffers?
MGM Resorts

Do any hotels in the entire Las Vegas area NOT charge resort fees?
YES! There are four hotels in downtown Las Vegas that do not have resort fees. California Hotel and Casino, Four Queens Hotel and Casino, Fremont Hotel and Casino and the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino. Do you know of any other honest hotels in the Las Vegas area? It is pretty sad we could only find four. Let us know if you know of any new hotels that decided to get honest at hi@killresortfees.com. We greatly encourage you to stay at one of these four honest hotels. They are your only hotels in Vegas that believe their guests deserve honest, fair treatment.