Nevada Senator Dean Heller Encourages Scamming Tourists

Senator Dean Heller of of Nevada spoke at the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Technology with three Commissioners of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. Senator Heller questioned why the FTC was interested in resort fees at all. He continued to allege that only 8 to 10 people have complained about resort fees. Senator Heller seems to be greatly uninformed on this issue. 

Senator Heller does not want the FTC to act on resort fees as he is taking the position advocated by the big lobbying group, the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Senator Heller is not standing up for the millions of American tourists that visit his state each year. By advocating that the FTC ignore the resort fee issue, he is taking the side of hotels that want to scam tourists into paying two separate room prices - only one of which is publicly advertised. Regular Americans work hard to be able to travel to Las Vegas but Senator Heller does not want to have transparency in pricing thus making it harder for Americans to afford to travel and enjoy their vacations. It is a shame that Senator Heller advocates continuing to scam American tourists with resort fees.